Medium & High Power: VHF Band 1

Medium & High Power Liquid Cooled Solid State Transmitters
The VHF Band 1 series liquid-cooled DTV transmitters utilize the same mechanical, electrical, and control architecture as the award-winning UHF version of the , providing the features and performance expected for broadcast TV.

VHF Band 1 features:

  • Unique vertical 1.5kW high-gain Power Amplifier (PA) “building block” modules, ~50lbs
  • VHF Band 1 Output Power Capability:
    • 5.4 – 21kW ATSC 1.0 in a single cabinet
    • 41kW ATSC 1.0 in two cabinets
  • EXACT DTV exciter with unique “DualCast” ATSC 1.0 to 3.0 upgradeable; projects investment*
  • User monitoring/control via front panel 15″ color touchscreen
  • Liquid-cooled amplifiers mean high reliability, simple installation, easy maintenance
  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Hot-Swap AC to DC rectifiers provide >96% efficiency
  • Industry leading Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) provides the highest RF signal performance
  • Manufactured, serviced, and supported in the U.S.A.