LEX 2000

MPEG-2 Digital TV Encoder / Multiplexer

The LEX‐2000 is a powerful yet low cost MPEG‐2 encoder / multiplexer, that can be configured with all the functions necessary to get any station on the air with a DTV signal.

Hitachi-Comark provides high performance and award winning television trans-mitters that are backed by more than 40 years of leadership in both inductive outputtube (IOT) and solid-state broadcast technologies.

The LEX-2000 MPEG-2 digital TV encoder / multiplexer from Hitachi-Comark was developed primarily for the LPTV market. It uses a compact 2RU dedicated hardware platform and provides all the necessary functions to allow a broadcaster to get on the air with an ATSC compliant, multi-program signal. The LEX-2000 can encode up to 8 programs in in a combination of either SD or HD formats. In addition to program encoding, the product also multiplexes the program content with both static and dynamic PSIP data.

New Project (45)
  • Flexibility by Design
  • Powerful Encoding
  • Transport Stream Multiplexer
  • PSIP Management
  • Closed Captioning
  • DVI Confidence Monitoring
  • Emergency Alert System
  • AFD Management
  • Optional ASI Input for IRD Feeds
  • Streaming IP Output


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Legal ID Feature Available

A new license feature has been added to comply with FCC Station I.D. requirements. The new license feature allows the encoder to overlay a small text box onto the incoming video stream that contains the broadcast station call letters (as well as their call numbers as an option) and city of origin. A new webpage with the license feature is available that gives the station engineer the ability to adjust the offset of when the text box is displayed as well as the duration (or amount of time the text box is present on the screen). The engineer also has several choices for the location of where the text box appears in the stream.

LEX EAS Crawl Feature

This NEW license (LEX-UPG-EAS) allows the LEX-2000 to have the EAS text crawl across the active video program(s). It’s compatible with both SD and HD resolutions and you can select which broadcast services/programs have the crawl via the LEX-2000 user GUI. This NEW feature is available as an option on new LEX encoders or as an upgrade for existing LEX platforms.

DASDEC+LEX Block Diagram 2