High Power UHF Air Cooled Solid State:

ATSC High Power DTV Transmitter
The transmitter series provides broadcasters with a high efficiency Doherty, rugged, air cooled platform for broadcast requirements. We offer two versions of the :

  • The new EC700HP-BB3 series, released February 2022, is optimized for US LPTV requirements (470-608 MHz). The US model is available in power levels from 1100W through 13.2kW (TPO).
  • The EC700HP series for International requirements (470-806 MHz). The international version is available in power levels of 700W through 5.6kW (TPO)

Transmitters feature:

  • Air cooled amplifier / PS design ~UHF
  • Unique DualCast ATSC 1.0 / 3.0 upgradeable, protects investment
  • User monitoring/control via front panel MMI
  • Doherty Technology provides industry leading efficiency
  • Digital Adaptive Precorrection (DAP)
  • Multiple IP GigE inputs for ATSC 3.0 A/324 STLTP
  • Uses an advanced 8-VSB DTV Exciter with FPGA architecture
  • Dual TS inputs (DVB-ASI) provides seamless A/B input redundancy
  • Built-in web GUI for remote access
  • Optional SNMP client, activated via software license

Hitachi-Comark EC700HP-BB3 Product Data Sheet

Hitachi-Comark EC700HP Product Data Sheet

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