DigiCAP Solutions for ATSC 3.0

Hitachi-Comark is an authorized reseller and service provider of the DigiCAP hardware and software product lines including DigiCaster and HomeCaster.  DigiCaster is an integrated and virtualized ATSC 3.0 broadcast gateway solution, which combines eight different functions integrated into a unified system that runs on either a COTS server or in a cloud, such as AWS.  HomeCaster is a solution for over-the-air ATSC 3.0 reception that provides in-home video / data distribution via Wi-Fi connectivity to both legacy DTV sets and tablets.


To receive a quote on DigiCAP products, simply email your request to sales@comarktv.com

Comark Digital Services (CDS) was re-launched to assist customers with navigating ATSC 1.0 Encoding System upgrades and migrating to ATSC 3.0. CDS is the largest ATSC 3.0 system integrator in the US and currently operates a full laboratory for equipment testing, integration, and customer demonstrations out of the company’s Southwick, MA headquarters. CDS provides integration and system design services for TV stations to ensure a smooth installation process.  CDS provides market-leading solutions with best-of-breed technology and system expertise to help customers jump into the exciting possibilities offered by ATSC 3.0.

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