Low Power UHF Solid State: E-Compact LP Series

ATSC Low Power DTV Transmitter​
The new E-Compact LP Series of LPTV transmitters are super compact and rugged platforms designed from the ground up specifically for the low power digital TV marketplace. The E-Compact LP series uses System-on-Chip (SoC) technology enabling multiple system elements and powerful measurements. This product is ideal for small LPTV stations sites.

E-Compact LP Series features:

  • Single chassis design with exciter, driver, and PA
  • EC705LP-AT1 - 50W model for ATSC 1.0, 1RU chassis
  • EC720LP-AT1 - 125W model for ATSC 1.0, 2RU chassis
  • Air cooled ~ broadband UHF amplifier design (14-36)
  • Uses SoC technology with multiple system elements
  • Industry leading Adaptive Digital Pre-Distortion (A-DPD)
  • Built-in web GUI for local and remote access
  • Built-in SNMP client for remote management
  • User monitoring/control via front panel MMI
  • Optional off-air receiver for use as a translator

EC705LP-AT1 + EC720LP-AT1 Data Sheet