Low Power: LPTV-5000-V1

VHF Band 1 DTV Transmitters
The LPTV-5000-V1 is a compact, low power VHF digital transmitter providing an extremely cost effective solution.

LPTV-5000-V3 features:

  • Automatic adaptive pre-correction for highest possible SNR
  • Full color touch screen display
  • Ultra efficient switching PSU
  • 250W – 5kW models available
  • 2 stage amplification with class A/AB operation
  • Air cooled for high reliability and long service life
  • Repeater (RF input) optional
  • Designed for adjacent operation
  • ATSC A/53 8VSB compliant

Hitachi-Comark LPTV-5000 VHF B1 Data Sheet