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Introducing CDS. Your first step to ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 success.

Comark Digital Services has a mission to help broadcasters navigate ATSC 1.0 Encoding System upgrades and migrate to ATSC 3.0. CDS is your partner for ATSC 3.0 strategy, product selection, system design, and end-to-end implementation. It’s a big job, but now there is a company that can help you make a successful and cost-effective transition.

CDS offers a team of experienced broadcast professionals that understand the complex world of both IT and encoding technologies inside and out. Whether replacing a legacy ATSC 1.0 system or planning a complete ATSC 3.0 rollout, we can guide you through the business and equipment options. CDS can help you select the most advanced and reliable technology, design the system, and integrate it all at our advanced labs; we handle the end-to-end implementation.

Our powerful encoding products deliver world-class Video Quality (VQ) even in the most challenging configurations. We have optimized solutions for channel sharing and are ATSC 3.0 ready, all at a price that won’t break your budget. Comark Digital Services will bring your project from strategic vision to on-the-air reality.

CDS Overview Sheet

CDS offers DTV encoding solutions for:

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CDS powered by TITAN Live is a software-based encoding and multiplexing solution that provides maximum Video Quality (VQ) and flexibility to meet today’s ATSC 1.0 requirements. The encoding engines support HEVC, H264 or MPEG-2, providing flexibility for OTA, and OTT, as well as allowing easy migration to ATSC 3.0. The solution is flexible allowing for deployments via bare metal (1RU server), blade server, or virtualized in the cloud.

CDS powered by TITAN File is a multi-codec and multi-format solution for ATSC file-based video transcoding. Using the same powerful encoding algorithms as Live, this pure software solution provides high Video Quality (VQ) and fast speed with up to 10x real-time processing. CDS powered by TITAN File is an integrated solution with open API integration, workflow simplification that is scalable.

The LEX-2000 is an all-in-one ATSC headend solution that provides multi-program MPEG-2 encoding, transport stream multiplexing, PSIP management in a single 2RU chassis. The system provides a simple yet powerful GUI to configure and operate this station-in-a-box platform. The LEX-2000 is licensed to your needs and field upgrades can be added at any time in the future should you want to add extra SD or HD programs.

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