Reliable Broadcast over any IP Network

VideoFlow for intelligent content delivery solutions over IP networks, including public Internet.

Hitachi-Comark is an authorized reseller of VideoFlow’s software suite and corresponding hardware appliances. VideoFlow allows for the highest reliability of content protection and delivery through any IP network while providing the lowest OpEx solution. To receive a quote on a customized VideoFlow solution, email your request to


DVP (Digital Video Protection)

The DVP software platform provides four essential capabilities for studio to transmitter links (STL) over any IP network: Reliability, Confidence, Simplicity, and Efficiency.  The DVP solution is priced via the amount of protected bit rate through the IP network, allowing the solution to tailored to your actual requirements.  
Link to DVP Datasheet

DVG (Digital Video Gateway)

The DVG software platform connects any service and any cloud.  DVG provides six essential ingredients for reliable IP connectivity including Quality, Reliability, Connectivity, Security, Operational Efficiency, Versatility, and Future Proof.  DVG also handles conversion of legacy interfaces such as ASI to IP.  The DVG solution is priced based on the number of ports (or Stream Gates {SGs}) required.
Link to DVG Datasheet

Optional Hardware Appliances

The DVP/DVG product suite can run on any hardware platform as a virtual machine (VM) or a downloadable ISO.  In addition the DVP can be preloaded on any of the VideoFlow’s hardware appliances including the DVX, DVA, and DVS platforms. The breakdown of the appliances is as follows:

  • DVX = Cost Effective, Entry Grade Appliances (IP Only)
  • DVA = Performance Grade Appliances (IP with ASI Options)
  • DVS = Server Grade Appliances (IP with ASI Options)