DCX Transmitter: One of Our Legacy Products

DCX Transmitter

HPA Service Bulletins

211119 Teledyne E2V Announces End of Production for IOTs
180402 End of Production and Support Notice for the following IOT transmitters
170622 WEBGUI / ThalesView / TxView Support
130502 Stackpole Resistors in DCX/IOX Transmitter HPAs
110611 DCX Focus Supply Current Sense Upgrade Procedure
090701 IOX to DCX Transmitter Conversion Considerations
070727 IOX / DCX Millennium Cabinet Interlock Diagram
070302 Time and Date Change Procedure: IOX/DCX
061129 IOX / DCX Beam Control & CB3 Motor Operator Schematic
041114 PLC Battery Replacement
041014 Weekly DCX / Advantage Transmitter Log
041012 Panel View Procedures: DCX Millennium and Paragon
040831 Troubleshooting Crowbar Events: IOX/DCX
040824 List of Recommended ATSC Test Equipment
040706 Spellman Ion Power Supply Replacement
040704 IOX/DCX HPA Controller Backplane Replacement
040529 Emergency Tube Bypass: IOX/DCX
040507 Millennium/Paragon Emergency PLC Bypass Procedure
040505 DCX1 Emergency PLC Bypass Procedure
040407 HVPS Door Gasket
040402 IOX-DCX Maintenance Manual
040321 IOX and DCX Motorized Breaker Retrofit
040320 Fault Descriptors: IOX/DCX
030631 IOX / DCX IPA Troubleshooting
030630 VSWR Diagnosis with Directional Couplers
030618 LCD Screen Adjustment: IOX/DCX
030617 Calibration of DCX System Power Meters
030616 Calibration of DCX HPA Power Meters
030615 IOT Tuning with Tracking Generator or Network Analyzer
030614 IOT High Voltage Troubleshooting with Hipot Test Set
030612 Calibration of IOX / DCX Focus Voltage and Current Meters
030611 Calibration of IOX / DCX Beam Voltage and Current Meters
030610 Calibration of IOX / DCX Body Current Meter
030609 Calibration of IOX / DCX Ion Voltage and Current Meters
030608 Calibration of IOX / DCX Grid Voltage and Current Meters
030606 IOX / DCX Interlock Check Procedure
030605 Adjustment of Crowbar Filament Voltage
030525 Adjustment of IOT Bias Voltage and Idle Current
030524 Adjustment of IOT Filaments
030514 HVPS Resistor Board
030331 Stack Pole Resistor Maintenance
030328 IOX / DCX Troubleshooting Table
030324 Comark Customer Service Support Guide
030224 Screw Terminal Connectors
020906 DCX Transmitter Blower Motor Replacement Procedure
020710 IOX/DCX Thermistor Modification
020709 Crowbar Retrofits and Procedure
010904 DCX Power Monitoring Upgrade
990611 Periodic Crowbar Testing IOX/DCX
940911 High Voltage Safety Guidelines

46744354-194 Advanced Crowbar Troubleshooting
46745438-521 DCX Web Server Configuration Procedure

Cooling Service Bulletins

Exciter Service Bulletins

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