DCX Paragon: Highly Reliable, Ultra-Efficient Transmitter

DCX Paragon Transmitter

HPA Service Bulletins

180402 End of Production and Support Notice for the following IOT transmitters
170707 Paragon Oil Name Change
170622 WEBGUI / ThalesView / TxView Support
150820 Procedure for Changing the Oil Pump in Paragon Transmitters
140610 IOX/DCX Transmitter Maintenance Schedule
120224 I/O Module (IOM) Grounding Procedure
130821 Parcon File Download Procedure
110122 Paragon Oil Plumbing Upgrade Procedure
100721 Blind Mate RF Connector Seating in Paragon LDMOS
100202 Calibration of HPA Flow Switches: DCX Paragon
100129 Calibration of HPA Power Sensors (w/LDMOS HPA drivers)
090303 Pump Seal Replacement Instructions
041114 PLC Battery Replacement
041013 Weekly Paragon Transmitter Log
041012 Panel View Procedures: DCX Millennium and Paragon
040824 List of Recommended ATSC Test Equipment
040507 Millennium/Paragon Emergency PLC Bypass Procedure
040407 HVPS Door Gasket
040127 DCX Paragon Troubleshooting Table
040124 IOT Tuning with Tracking Generator or Network Analyzer: DCX Paragon
040123 Interlock Check Procedure: DCX Paragon
040122 Cooling System Maintenance, Oil Filter Change, and Air Filter Changes: DCX Paragon
040112 Calibration of Beam Voltage and Current Sensors: DCX Paragon
040108 Calibration of Focus Sensors: DCX Paragon
031211 Calibration of IOT Filament, Bias, and Ion Sensors: DCX Paragon
031210 Calibration of HPA Power Sensors: DCX Paragon
031209 Calibration of HPA Meter Movements: DCX Paragon
031208 IOT Operational Adjustments
031207 IOT Operational Adjustments: DCX Paragon
031206 Condensed Parts List
030630 VSWR Diagnosis with Directional Couplers
030324 Comark Customer Service Support Guide
030224 Screw Terminal Connectors
940911 High Voltage Safety Guidelines

46745438-521 DCX Web Server Configuration Procedure

Cooling Service Bulletins

Exciter Service Bulletins

Remote Control Pinout Listing