TX Site Remote Monitor & Control

Hitachi-Comark is an authorized reseller and integrator of Burk Technology products for transmitter site remote monitor and control solutions.  The ARC Plus Touch solution is the most powerful and flexible remote control system available on the market. 

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ARC Plus Touch brings power, flexibility and efficiency to IP-based broadcast remote control. Taking advantage of the scalability of IP and offering innovative options for I/O hardware connectivity, the ARC Plus Touch connects an unlimited number of sites, each with up to 256 channels of metering, status and command.  ARC Plus Touch features:

  • IP-Based Control Built for the Realities of Broadcast
  • Efficient, Flexible Alarm Notification
  • Better Access than Ever Before with multiple user interfaces
  • SNMP Plus, optional SNMP manager for 3rd party products
  • Built-in Support for Jet™ Active Flowcharts
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For additional information and datasheets on ARC Plus Touch, visit burk.com.

Or to request a price quote, email sales@comarktv.com.

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