CDS powered by Titan Live

CDS powered by TITAN Live is a FLEXIBLE software-based encoding and multiplexing solution for ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 requirements. This solution utilizes the power of commercial off-the-shelf server technology to provide broadcasters with a versatile platform set within a high-density solution delivering the highest video quality (VQ). CDS powered by TITAN Live is the ideal solution for ATSC 1.0, channel sharing, and ATSC 3.0 deployments.

CDS powered by TITAN Live can be delivered to run on any host including Linux, Virtual Machine or cloud-based deployment. This converged encoding solution supports live delivery of SD, HD, Ultra HD content for OTA broadcast, CDN / OTT delivery, and dedicated cable MSO/DTH feeds. Multiple video codecs are all supported from a single platform which includes MPEG2, HEVC, H.264, HLS, and AV1.

CDS is set up to provide not only the encoding equipment but also factory integration with 3rd party products as well as installation and training field services. Trust CDS to bring your project from conception to reality with a single point of contact.

The CDS solution features:

  • Maximum Video Quality (VQ), minimum bandwidth
  • Pure CPU solution, Linux, Windows, Virtual Machine
  • Mobile to UHD resolutions supported
  • HEVC, H264, MPEG2
  • Low-latency mode
  • Audio leveling (CALM)
  • Channel branding — logo insertion
  • Optimized stat MUX over IP
  • Flexible redundancies, 1+1, N+1, N+M

CDS TITAN Live Datasheet

Simple Migration to ATSC 3.0

Since CDS is a converged-based solution, migration from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0 is simple. ATSC 3.0 requires a ROUTE/MMTP server and scheduler/broadcast gateway in the equipment workflow to process and format the services into ALP(s) and PLP(s). Comark has partnered with Enensys for these technologies to form an end-to-end ATSC 3.0 platform.

Comark CDS

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